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Discover the insights of influential women leading London's life sciences landscape at the recent Women in Biotech London event. In this joint blog with the BioIndustry Association, MedCity reveal the top three takeaways from the discussion, shedding light on the key ingredients for fostering innovation ecosystems. Learn how diversity, collaboration, and unique career paths contribute to the success of these areas. To delve deeper into the panel's discussion and the future of the life sciences sector, read the full article.

Co-Laboratories is happy to announce that on the 8th December 2022, CEO Laura Brightman will be a featured panelist at the UK Bioindustry Association's upcoming event Women in Biotech - London. The event will discuss the rapidly evolving life sciences landscape in London and the panel brings together influential women in the industry to explore the growth and future prospects of the sector. The event will also provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from these experts, engage in stimulating discussions, and participate in valuable networking opportunities.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on "How Technology is Changing our Health & Care," moderated by Laura Brightman, at the Horizon Summit on day three of the SVC2UK Summit 2022. The event will take place on Thursday 10 November from 15.30-19.30, with the panel starting at around 17.35-17.55.

The panel will feature two young startup founders, Dr Katerina Spranger, CEO of Oxford Heartbeat, and Ivan Beckley, CEO of Suvera. With their interesting experience in founding and leading healthcare technology startups, they will provide valuable insights into the impact of technology on healthcare.

The event will take place at 240 Blackfriars, Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8BF, and we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the session to get settled in. We look forward to seeing you there!

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